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Johnny Woodbury

has been a lyricist and composer his whole life. He has been writing songs since he was a teenager. He has been “ slightly” busy as an emergency doctor. Now he  is ready to have his songs heard by many. He has always been a country music fan and his patriotic themes and country vibes are contagious, He is ready to share his music &  have his own country fans. We’re sure that his new red white and blue will become a national anthem. With this new release, he says “country just comes easy”. His songs are a testament to that. Get ready to enjoy his first single on his Album American Dreams. 


Bo Alison

grew up in a small town in eastern Ohio, in a musical family.His father was good friends with Hank Williams Sr, and Bo used to hang around when the guys would come around and do a "guitar pull" on the front porch which was a go-round where each person would start up a new song and everyone would join in. Of course Hank passed before.Bo was born, but his dad spoke of him often, and the other guys who would come around were just as famous.

(Willie Nelson was one of the "guys" that would show up at the guitar pulls)
Bo took to playing guitar and bass very easily, but his true love was singing, which started naturally in churches and went on to playing in bars and nightclubs at age 14.
He went on to being a member of many rock bands, but never forgot his roots and has now returned home to his first love, Country music.

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